about us

Fartash Parhun Company has been established since 2018 and is managed by a family. But in the field of food industry and petroleum products and petrochemical products has more than 20 years of experience. The executive director of this company has a long history of business activity and has several years of experience in supplying goods to companies in neighboring countries.

We Despite the existing restrictions, we provide special facilities for our customers to be able to trade with us without any worries. Dear businessmen, manufacturers and customers, our offices in Tehran and Istanbul welcome you and are waiting for your response and cooperation in order to meet your requests. We supplier chain: food and beverage, petrochemicals, petroleum products, nuts and herbs and in many cases have a comparative advantage. Dear customers and buyers: we will try to service you in any field in which you want to work. It is a great honor for us to even meet you. We assure you that we will be a fair and reliable supplier for you. Observing the principles of professionalism and human ethics and respecting the dignity of the customer is our motto.